Golf Guidelines

Etiquette Rules
  • No more than one player using the same clubs while on the course will be tolerated.
  • Groups in excess of a foursome are not allowed on the course during the golfing season unless permission has been granted by the professional golf staff.
  • Enter or leave sand traps via walkout or low point of trap.
  • Carefully rake and level footprints and marks of play in the sand trap.
  • Repair ball marks on the putting green using a repair tool.
  • Cigarettes or cigars should not be placed of left on the greens. Injury to players may result from chemicals used to treat the putting greens.
  • High-heeled shoes and rubber rippled shoes may not be worn on the course.
  • All divots of turf must be replaced at once, or players should use the sand and seed caddie located on their cart.
Course Rules
The following rules apply to the use of the golf course. Members observing any violation of these rules are urged to report the violations to the Golf Professional or the General Manager.
  • USGA Rules of Golf and Blacksburg Country Club local rules govern play at all times.
  • All players must check in at the Golf Shop before starting play. Guest fees will be charged when registering.
  • All play will start from the first tee, unless permission is granted by Golf Shop personnel to start on the tenth tee.
  • Soft spikes are required.
  • Practice is permitted only in the practice areas (practice green and driving range).
  • Members may not use their own balls on the driving range. Range balls are supplied by the Golf Shop.
  • Cooperation with the starter and/or course ranger is mandatory.
  • When lightning is in the area, all golfers are expected to exercise good judgment and to stop play. When possible, the Golf Shop will provide guidance by sounding a siren, at which time all play will immediately cease.
  • The dress code is mandatory for all golfers. Improperly dressed individuals will be asked to change their clothing prior to starting play. If in doubt regarding your attire, please contact the Golf Shop.
  • The course may be closed at times other than normal closing times at the discretion of the Golf Professional, Superintendent, or General Manager.
  • When a ball is lost or when a match fails to keep it place on the course, it must allow the players following to pass.
Tee Times
Members are able to reserve tee times every day of the week except Monday, starting one week before the desired tee time. Example: if you would like a tee time on a Saturday, you will be able to book that tee time when the golf shop opens the prior Saturday. Members can book tee times in three different ways.
  • Online: Members can reserve tee times using the online tee time system on through your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Golf Shop: You can book in-person in the Golf Shop through a member of the golf staff.
  • Phone: You can call the Golf Shop to book your time by calling 552-9164.
Course Priority
The following groups have priority for play during the indicated times:
  • Ladies' Night, Tuesdays 4:00 p.m.- Close (Front or Back Nine)
  • Men's Night, Wednesdays 4:00 p.m. - Close (Front or BackNine)
  • Ladies' Day, Thursdays beginning at 9:00 a.m. (Tee Times)
  • Couples Night, Fridays 4:00 p.m. - Close (Front or Back Nine)