Tennis Guidelines

Tennis Dress Code
Regulation smoth-soled tennis shoes must be worn when on the tennis courts. Proper tennis attire must be worn at all times. Tank tops, halter-tops, fishnet tops and bathing suits or cut-offs are not allowed.

Guest Policy
Members must play on the same court with their guests. The maximum number of guests a member may sponsor at one time is seven. A local guest may use the tennis facility no nore than once per month during the calendar year regardless of whether the guest is sponsored by the same member or a different member.

A guest fee of $5.00 per guest will be in effect. Weekly out-of-town guest passes are available. A guest must play with a member. All fees will be charged to a member's account.

The following rules apply to the use of the tennis facilities. Members observing any violations of these rules are urged to report the violations to the Head Tennis Professional or the General Manager.
  • Members are required to register their guests prior to playing.
  • All courts are available on a reservation basis between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Court reservations may be made through the Tennis Shop one day in advance of anticipated play. During the off-season, courts are used on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Reservations must include the names of all members and guests schedule to play.
  • Courts are not to be used when the nets are lowered.
  • Members and guests using the tennis courts are required to keep the area clean.
  • No food or beverage other than water may be brought onto a tennis court.
  • Smoking matter must be extinguished before entering a tennis court.
  • All food and beverage consumed at the pool/tennis center must be purchased from the snack bar or the clubhouse.
Clay Courts Information
Clay Courts have a granular clay surface and white line tapes, which are nailed into the clay.  The granular surface allows you to slide into your shots. We urge you to be careful with your footing.  The court surface can become slightly irregular during play as the clay surface and the clay subsurface can take impressions. This is the nature of the court. As the courts are rolled and compacted, ball bounces will become truer. There is a court brush and line brush on the courts for your use. You will want to brush your court to even out the clay before you play if your courts have been used for three or four sets.  The line brush will clean the clay off of the lines.  This procedure should take less than five minutes. The courts will be rolled each day and watered twice per day between June 1 and September 1; once during the early evening and once during the day for about 30 minutes.

Clay Court Rules
All players must register prior to playing.  If other members are waiting, a one-hour single and one and a half-hour doubles time limit will be in effect.  The singles or doubles group can come off the court and sign a waiting list to a second hour of play after relinquishing the court.
  • Only normal tennis shoes will be permitted on the clay courts.  A deep tread running type shoe could damage the surface.
  • The clay courts will not be available for play once the water lines are shut down for winter.  This will occur before the first hard freeze.  The lines will be taken up and nets removed.
  • If the courts are too soft for play the nets will be dropped.
  • Please do not play on the courts if the nets are dropped or you find you leave a footprint on the court.
  • No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to use the clay courts without an adult present.