Guest Information

Welcome to tennis at Blacksburg Country Club. Below are some guidelines to ensure that your are comfortable at BCC once your arrive.

Dress Code: Regulation smooth-soled tennis shoes must be worn when on the tennis courts. Proper tennis attire must be worn at all times. Tank tops, halter-tops, fishnet tops and bathing suits or cut-offs are not permitted.

Guest Policy: Members must play on the same court with their guests. The maximum number of guest a member may sponsor at one time is seven. A local guest may use the tennis facility no more than once per month during the calendar year regardless of whether the guest is sponsored by the same member or a different member.

Rules: The following rules apply to the use of the tennis facilities.

  • Members are required to register their guests prior to play
  • All courts are available on a reservation basis between Memorial Day and Labor Day
  • Courts are not to be used when nets are lowered.
  • No food or beverage other than water may be brought onto a tennis court.
  • All food and beverage consumed at the pool/tennis center must be purchased from the snack bar or the clubhouse.